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04 November 2008 @ 02:58 pm
I just wanted to make this clear to all of my friends - - - I voted for McCain today. Not because I'm white, not because Obama is black, not because I'm racist. I voted McCain because I'm a republican & don't believe in Obama's beliefs. I have that right to vote for either McCain or Obama if I damn well please because I'm an American citizen. I'm sick & tired of people telling me that I'm a racist, I would know if I was or not. I believe that there is white trash & black trash. I don't believe in just saying one race is a bunch of losers & don't deserve respect. I don't care if you're purple, if you don't give me respect you will not get it in return. I guess if a black person votes for Obama & not McCain it's becaues they're racist right? No, it's okay for a black person to vote for another black person but by God when a white person votes for the white man it's wrong. Now you're a racist. I don't understand how that works. I cannot stand the bulletins all across MySpace from everyone whose saying "Unless you vote Obama, you're wrong." BUT, if I say "Unless you vote McCain, you're wrong." Suddenly, I need to be shot & I'm a racist. I'm so beyond sick of the shit. I'm sick of being told I'm "uneducated", or that I didn't watch the presidential debates. Unless you're sitting in my home with me, you don't know what I watch. Now, I'm being indirectly accused of writing "false" bulletins filled with bullshit. How can you say I did not hear what I heard? If I say what you say is wrong, I'm a liar. I posted this video on MySpace & I was told I was wrong. How am I wrong?! It's proof, right there. On barackobama.com agrees with abortion, it clearly says that. I DO NOT believe in abortion therefore, how could I vote for Obama? Regardless of who you vote for you are still my friend, because you are entitled to your opinion. How can I be racist if he IS half white?
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palomitabitched on November 4th, 2008 08:18 pm (UTC)
Lol, why would voting for Mccain make you racist? I'm seriously so sick of everyone and their obsession with Obama. OOMGZZZ, HE IS LIKE OUR SAVIOR!!! It's annoying and they can't stand or accept the fact that not everyone worships him. It's terrible and I HATE IT!

and for the record, I dislike them both equally.. lol. I don't support obama or mccain. I just hate these double standards.
truelovefatetruelovefate on November 4th, 2008 08:26 pm (UTC)
I'm about half insane over it. I'm sick of the 300 bulletins over Obama being so great & McCain being so horrible. So, I put a few bulletins up to join the support for McCain. Then I get people jumping down my throat saying that "I need to open my eyes" & that I'm "uneducated" because I do not believe in Obama's beliefs Now I'm racist because Obama's black & they're saying that's why I'm not voting for him. That's not why, people need to get off the racism horse, it's dead! Get over it, you can't pull the race card for everything. I don't worship him, get over it. I get so fucking sick of the OMG BLACK PRESIDENT!! LETS VOTE FOR "CHANGE"!! All of the political people are full of shit, no one is going to make these miraculous changes, the "change" they're talking about is having a black president. Idc what color you are, if I don't believe in what you have to say, then I'm not going to support you. & I totally respect you for not even getting in it. If you don't agree with either of them, then so be it. People can accept shit when people aren't agreeing with them.