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04 November 2008 @ 02:58 pm
I just wanted to make this clear to all of my friends - - - I voted for McCain today. Not because I'm white, not because Obama is black, not because I'm racist. I voted McCain because I'm a republican & don't believe in Obama's beliefs. I have that right to vote for either McCain or Obama if I damn well please because I'm an American citizen. I'm sick & tired of people telling me that I'm a racist, I would know if I was or not. I believe that there is white trash & black trash. I don't believe in just saying one race is a bunch of losers & don't deserve respect. I don't care if you're purple, if you don't give me respect you will not get it in return. I guess if a black person votes for Obama & not McCain it's becaues they're racist right? No, it's okay for a black person to vote for another black person but by God when a white person votes for the white man it's wrong. Now you're a racist. I don't understand how that works. I cannot stand the bulletins all across MySpace from everyone whose saying "Unless you vote Obama, you're wrong." BUT, if I say "Unless you vote McCain, you're wrong." Suddenly, I need to be shot & I'm a racist. I'm so beyond sick of the shit. I'm sick of being told I'm "uneducated", or that I didn't watch the presidential debates. Unless you're sitting in my home with me, you don't know what I watch. Now, I'm being indirectly accused of writing "false" bulletins filled with bullshit. How can you say I did not hear what I heard? If I say what you say is wrong, I'm a liar. I posted this video on MySpace & I was told I was wrong. How am I wrong?! It's proof, right there. On barackobama.com agrees with abortion, it clearly says that. I DO NOT believe in abortion therefore, how could I vote for Obama? Regardless of who you vote for you are still my friend, because you are entitled to your opinion. How can I be racist if he IS half white?
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вяεαииα 'и' αυdяεу'ѕ момму.kissaged on November 4th, 2008 09:11 pm (UTC)
Even though I didn't vote, I agree with you 110%. I despise Obama, but I'm not too much for McCain eitehr, if I did vote then it would've been for McCain, that's who Shawn voted for. :) I wouldn't have voted for Obama just for the simple fact that he himself said "Fuck the American People" & "GD the Americans". He was NEVER a christian until he start running for president, his OWN WIFE even said that shit. Ughhh.

Anyways, ILY!! ♥
truelovefatetruelovefate on November 4th, 2008 09:37 pm (UTC)
Yeah, and I heard the same stuff & then when you say that one of Obama's worshippers deny he ever said that & call you "juvenline" & "unedcuated". I don't have all day to go watch tv about Obama & research him all day long. I'm not that excited to defend McCain. I just know I don't believe with what Obama does. I have heard more than once that he was a Muslim & will not swear on the Bible. In America, we swear on the Bible as a meaning of truthfulness. A real Christian wouldn't lie on the Bible, unless of course...you're not a Christian. Ugh, sick of the shit lol. I'll be glad when election is over. I love you too!!!